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Thursday, April 5, 2018

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Treasury Note 3-Year U. Treasury Note 5-Year U. Treasury Note Year U. Yes, you heard it right. Traders can now access to both local and global equities market right at your fingertips!! Trade Malaysia Futures contract with full confidence with real time data stream online, no re-quotes, no delay anywhere. Call today!! Soy Oil March Traded 0. Palm oil futures retreat yesterday amid weak soy oil price action during Asia session.

The soy oil for May was not moving up much in the morning session and travel slightly lower in the afternoon session. If that was not the main cause for the FCPO to retrace, perhaps the perception of the price has hit its current resistance point around 2, area would cause Sellers to get aggressive as price was starting to fade once it hit 2, level.

Or you can say that there were less Buyers are willing to commit to Buy price higher than 2, as price did not breach above that level. Perhaps the only positive news palm oil futures to maintain its positive momentum would be improved demand announced by cargo surveyor for the month of Feb Other than that, palm oil futures is mostly Bearish in long term due to record high stockpiles level, export tax imposed by Malaysia trade policy, and strengthening Ringgit.

The last two factors mentioned will cause palm oil to be price more expensive than our rival nation, Indonesia. For today, soy oil for May contract was traded 0. Information and opinions contained in this report are for educational purposes only. While the information contained herein was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, author does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

Happy New Year !! Its that year again and we are just two years away from year To all my readers, best of luck for the upcoming In another report, palm oil shipments rise 8.

Soy Oil Dec Traded 0. The Jan contract had some mild setback yesterday when it retrace in the evening session. I guess Buyers has to give back some gain as soy oil was losing some traction and slide lower on Asia evening session.

Correlation is something that I would call a coin toss, it works sometime and most of the time we could not use it as a reliable barometer because of timing issue. Market do not need to be efficient and it does not have to, that is why trader who use purely on correlation alone will likely stopped out pre-maturely. Nothing much has change on the candle chart, it is still positive in the long term outlook and perhaps some small turbulence for uptrend to continue in the short term basis.

If you look at 30 minute chart, yesterday last 30 minutes Sell-off is quite noticeable to make some changes to the overall short term technical outlook to Bearish. On the news side, analyst are blaming yesterday palm oil price retracement on weaker demand expectation.

For today, palm oil futures is likely open lower due to soy oil for Dec contract was traded 0. Soy Oil Aug Traded At I find the velocity of market news flowing is so complex and mis-leading at most point of the time. Unless you are taking news from the reliable source, chances are you are reading the wrong news. Everyone has their own opinion about using the news, but when some people claim that price flow mostly due to news is tough to agree on.

Price movement on any market can be due to anything, it could be technical, rumors, facts, weather and so on. If you are just trading in short term, news is mostly irrelevant for you. We cannot pinpoint one element and use it as a major reference as every element in the market is co-relevant at some point. A very short term trader, i.

The point is, those analyst can write anything they want after the price has move, you just have to pick and choose which source of news you can rely on making your decision. Palm oil futures for Sept contract is showing good sign of further recovery. As you can see on daily chart, the Sept contract has breached above the resistance trend line for the 2nd time and stay above 2, level yesterday.

There is a small U shape pattern formed on daily chart as well if you look closely but the Sept contract still need to go above 2, level before it can change current negative momentum to positive momentum, hopefully soon. Soy Oil Traded 0. I manage to take some breather yesterday when trade made some partial gain on the evening session. Trade was a Long setup at 2, level and this position cannot hold overnight due to price is below 21 days-EMA on daily chart. Fortunately traded manage to exit at 2, level right at that time, it was 20 points gains.

This is after I had 4 losing streak in a row, since last two weeks. I think the gradual increase in palm oil production would curb palm oil price to recover for the time being. Of course that was the expectation on the fundamental side, but how market would re-act to it is a different story.

If you look at the price action, the positive closed on yesterday daily candle suggest that there is abundant of upside today if the market open higher. If you still recall the chart pattern on daily chart that I mentioned for the last two days, I didn't expect the retracement move from 2 to 3 would complete so soon.

As you can see, the 3 move of the chart pattern is complete if the May contract manage to breach above 2, level. If you are a conservative trader or a trend trader for a chart pattern, a standard drill to enter Long position will be at the break of previous high, which is at 2, level. The risk reward for this trade setup would be at least 1: That is how a 1: For today, palm oil futures is likely open lower due to overnight soy oil weakness.

The soy oil for May contract went down about 0. I could not really grasp that set of skill yet till today, probably I rely much on the mechanical system to decide what is my next course of action. What is coming next on menu would likely be the tendency of Feds raising rates.

With that in mind, Ringgit is likely taking more hits and weaken further. Traders are likely Bullish if Ringgit deppreaciate further and paving more possibilities for further price recovery.

Of course it is not a science or a certainty that price will go up due to Ringgit weakness, but very likely. Trade hit full SL when that Short setup eventually have to deal with price rally in the afternoon session.

A few while after trade , I had a Long setup for trade which is to Buy at 2, level. Fast forward to 5. I have been using this strategy since late Oct last year and will be doing some review once it hit six months. I have done some tweaking within these period so that this strategy can cope with ever changing market volatility.

S&P 500 Futures Overview

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