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This page contains data on the E-mini S&P Index Futures CFDs. The S&P (abbreviation of "Standard & Poor's") Index is a capitalization-weighted index of stocks. Standard and Poor's Index is a capitalization-weighted index of stocks. The index is designed to measure performance of the broad domestic economy through changes in the aggregate market value of stocks representing all major industries. The index was developed with a base level of 10 for the base period.

SPX Index Chart

Count in alignment with Nasdaq, either W. While I no longer scalp much due to the time commitment scalping generally takes particularly in instruments most effectively traded during the NY session , I used to scalp a great deal when I was in spot forex.

The simplest scalping technique I have come across and used exclusively was the "fingertrap method. If you compare the cycles and their behavior, this could get a lot more worst than it is right now. I drew the different stages of the rise and the eventual melt down, so maybe someone is interested in it. Keep some dry powder for the depression mode.

Cash might not be the right powder; , but who knows. The cracks are starting to form in the Stock Market. Tech has plunged in one of the worst crashes since Energy companies are hanging off a cliff as the price of USOIL craters further, due to the ongoing trade wars and countries like Iran and Venezuela increasing production and avoiding sanctions.

Home Builder stocks are hanging off a cliff and new home Let's make a replay comparison!!! DV futures will trade in CFE's all-electronic, open access market model, with dedicated liquidity providers making markets.

DV futures offer the benefits of a standardized, exchange-traded volatility contract, cleared through the triple-A rated Options Clearing Corporation OCC. More information on CFE and its products, including contract specifications, can be found at: VIX is the widely disseminated, benchmark index commonly referred to as the market's "fear gauge," and for the first time, investors will now have an opportunity to trade options on this premier measure of market volatility and investor sentiment.

Some market analysts consider VIX the "investor fear gauge" since during periods of financial stress, which are often accompanied by market declines, investors buy portfolio protection in the form of index options. Options on VIX will provide investors many new opportunities to trade and hedge volatility.

Options on VIX will offer contract months of two near-term contracts months plus two additional months on the February quarterly cycle, and will have trading hours of 8: A more detailed listing of currently anticipated contract specifications for options on VIX follows. For example, when the level of VIX is In-, at-, and out-of-the-money strike prices will initially be listed. New strikes can be added as the index moves up or down. CBOE Volatility Index options generally may be exercised only on the last business day before expiration.

Settlement of option exercise: The opening price for any series in which there is no trade shall be the average of that option's bid price and ask price as determined at the opening of trading. Exercise will result in delivery of cash on the business day following expiration.

A "buy-write," also called a covered call, generally is considered to be an investment strategy in which an investor buys a stock or a basket of stocks, and also sells call options that correspond to the stock or basket of stocks.

This strategy can be used to enhance portfolio returns and reduce volatility. Created and introduced by CBOE in April, , BXM has become the benchmark for investors and investment professionals seeking a long-term track record of the buy-write strategy.

Es wurden Kontrakte gehandelt an diesem Tag. Ich war kurzfristig der Meinung das ganze effektiv für Handelssysteme die ich auf dem VIX hatte zu nutzen, aber da war ich wohl mal etwas naiv noch. Das war ein netter Gaunermarkt und mehr nicht. Wenn nur in dem Sinne Erwartungen auf den VIX gehandelt werden ohne wirkliche Koppelung am VIX dann kann man das Ding nur für das nutzen was die auch machen - fein selbst Kurse stellen und versuchen andere damit über den Tisch zu ziehen.

S&P 500 Futures Overview

Position added successfully to: Er bildet sich heraus, wenn sich der Kurs zwischen einem Unterstützungs- und einem Widerstandsniveau mit einer Neigung nach oben bewegt wobei die Kurspanne immer enger wird.

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