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Mobile data usage per mobile broadband subscription Dec. Enterprises with a website or home page, by firm size, 2. Diffusion of selected ICT tools and activities in enterprises, 2. Use of enterprise resource planning software, by firm size, 2.

Enterprises using cloud computing services, by firm size, 2. Enterprises performing big data analysis, 2. Total number of industrial robots operational worldwide, 2. Top ten industries for share of industrial robots in use 2. Internet users by age, 2. Internet users by age and educational attainment, Diffusion of selected online activities among Internet users, 2. Diffusion of online purchases 2. Then, open your staffing profile and zero out the unmet demand in the past. This should take that off of your Requested portlet and marked it Fulfilled.

Additionally, it will not double count internal labor in your budget. What is the purpose of the staffing profile? What hours are entered into the staffing profile? Do I have to assign resources specific tasks in the staffing profile?

Where will the staffing profile hours appear? Do I enter contractor hours needed in the Staffing Profile? The staffing profile is to assist you in fulfilling roles needed by resources. The staffing profile allows you to request the necessary roles from the appropriate resource managers.

In order to request resources, you need to verify that your staffing profile status is active. The internal labor estimates are entered into the staffing profile. No, tasks are assigned in the workplan only, you only need to enter the time and resource role you need in the staffing profile.

They will roll up into the financial summary forecasted labor as dollars. No, you do not enter contractor hours in the staffing profile. You will enter the contractor or professional services estimates in the Financial Summary as Labor, External Labor dollars. What is the purpose of the Financial Summary? What actual dollar amounts do I enter in the Financial Summary? My Total Forecast is not showing up on my scorecard, but I have forecasted amounts in my financial summary and I can see them on my Project Details Page.

How do I fix this? The Financial Summary will be the total forecast estimate and actual expenses for the project. It will account for the external labor, non labor estimates and actual labor. The only costs that are not directly input into the Financial Summary are the internal labor hours, these are entered into the workplan, then the system will automatically update the financial Summary for you. We are not sure why this happens; however to fix this issue, open your Project and click the Save button on the Project Details page.

This has been reported as an outstanding issue. What is the purpose and advantage of ePro? Where do we store P-card purchases? Where may I find information on how to handle P-card purchases? How do I pull an ePro requisition into Expedite Requisitions? Why do I not receive notification via e-mail whenever something enters the workflow? How do I attach a document in ePro? How are ePro approvals handled at the agency level? What do I do if there is an invalid Category Code?

What if I have an emergency purchase? What if the requisition is denied or pushed back? What if the wrong buyer is notified when the requisition is done? What about record destruction since all documents will be stored in PeopleSoft now. How do I add or delete personnel to the e-Pro system? What are the required forms to submit for e-Pro access? What documents are required to be stored in e-Pro? I cannot view the attachments in ePro.

What is the next step after my approver has approved the ePro requisition? How do I have an item added to ePro? Why will the ePro requisition not load the approvers? Why can I not change the price in the ePro requisition?

How do I take an ePro requisition and change it into a Purchase Order? How can I add several lines in ePro for the same vendor? Can I do a change order to an existing ePro Requisition after it has been sourced to a Purchase Order? Why is it important to tie the Statewide Contract Number to the Statewide contract? And why do you send the ePro requisition back if it is not tied to the contract? Will ISD be providing any additional ePro training?

What kind of information can I get from the ePro screens Manage Requisitions? Paperless requisition process saves time and money Easily source to Purchase Order PO Improve tracking of approvals Electronic document storage Overall efficiency Transparency - feedback simplifies audit compliance Built in security for approvals.

OMES Purchasing staff will contact the person who needs the change made to open the applicable contract and make an adjustment to the contract so that the change order can be processed.

Send them to your agency P-card administrator. P-card logs and documentation should be kept by the agency P-card administrator. The manual can be found at www. You need to set up you e-mail notifications in My System Profile. It is important to note that you may not receive notifications if you were not the requestor and are not the buyer. The requesting unit should have someone trained in ePro to enter the requisition.

You do not have to sign up to come to the lab. The lab hours will be from After this date, agency personnel will be responsible for training their new employees. Once you have been trained, please submit a Form ePro for access. The agency level approval process is based on workflow for the agency that was previously submitted. Approvals are tied to DCS Form This contract has been added to the IT Catalog tree, you can add them now. If a contract is a Category Code contract, you will not be able to attach the lines, only the contract ID.

Emergency purchases due to a system outage may be purchased with immediate follow up to the appropriate Business Segment Director. The e-Pro requisition will need to be submitted with full details as soon as possible.

Review the approval section for comments or explanation. If correctable, please fix and resubmit the requisition. Otherwise, the requestor at the agency should cancel the requisition.

Not cancelling the requisition can create a pre-encumbrance and potential budget problem. Change the default buyer in the line details to the certified procurement officer CPO that will be processing the PO. Record destruction is authorized and granted by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. To review the requirements visit www.

Also to add new personnel, forms should be submitted to Linda. The requisition approver on the DCS Form should be the same person identified as requisition approver on the Form ePro. State generated modifiable files must be included here. This policy will be for all purchase orders and corresponding documentation regardless of whether the purchase order was created by the agency or another agency on their behalf.

Confidential or proprietary documents should be cleansed prior to attaching in ePro. When attaching documents to ePro, it is best to use a. Simple renewals are generally 3 business days as well. The goal for new solicitations is 30 days from receipt of completed documents and approval from the ISD Business Segment Director. During renewals estimated times may be extended to accommodate the volume received.

A Category Code that is not in the IT catalog was used. This usually this happens because a non-IT catalog ID had been used and no workflow can be assigned.

It can also happen if the agency number has not been set up in workflow yet. If it is truly an IT category code that needs to be added, a help desk case should be submitted. After the code either item or category is added, then the ePro approval should work correctly. If it is not an IT item, then follow normal non-IT processes. When the requisition is being sourced, and faults out requiring it to be unstaged due to an error, you will be unable to change the price or the quantity.

Under ePro, select 'Buyer Center,' select 'Expedite Requisitions,' enter your agency number, and click search. Select the requisition that you need and select Enter. Once the process runs your PO is in an open status.

Continue until all required lines are selected. Not at this time. The piece to allow the change order process on ePro has not yet been implemented. It is also important because the state has identified performance metrics that include goals for utilization of enterprise and statewide contracts. Therefore, OMES will send the requisition back to the agency to correct the data.

If OMES corrects the data on behalf of the agency; the agency may never become aware of the need, or complete the requisition correctly in the future. OMES has set metrics for expected turnaround times and staffing resources are based on the calls received.

If ISD takes phone calls and e-mails directly, the data we are tracking is not accurately reflected. Furthermore, by tracking the calls trends can be summarized and communicated in a more effective manner.

Yes, ISD will provide annual ePro updates. Steps to the lifecycle of the ePro Requisition i. By clicking on approval, you can see where in the approval process the requisition is. By clicking on Invoice or Payment you can see detailed information on the finances of the purchase.

What if I change e-mail addresses or cell phone number? Will my contact information be shared with others? OMES-Alerts is the agency's e-mail and text message notification system. This system allows you to receive accurate, immediate alerts the Office of Management and Enterprise Services OMES , to your e-mail, mobile device, or text message.

In some cases, especially if you are a state employee, you may receive notifications for which you did not register. In all other cases, you must register for this service. We can only contact you if we have your information up-to-date. Please update your information online to let us know what's changed! The information you share with us is used to communicate government-related information, OMES will never sell, share or otherwise use it for other purposes.

What happened to the CORE content that used to be located on this site? What content was moved to the State CIO's website? The e-mail indicated that Bookmark and Favorite links for the "retired" Core content are going to change. Will this change effect links to the CORE applications? In early , this information was moved to the State CIO's website at www. The link went to http: Links to the core applications are not changing.

Project ENCORE will also streamline many of our processes and allow for a more consistent approach to our budgeting and data collection methods. Multiple systems will be replaced with one system, Oracle Hyperion. Other features to be included are: Staff members responsible for budgeting, performance management and measurement, and information submitted for the CAFR.

Project ENCORE leadership is working with a team of consultants from Deloitte Consulting to identify changes necessary and understand the particular needs of the various agencies to move from our current systems to the new technology. We have doctors that moonlight at other facilities so they have multiple PINs.

On inactivating unused positions, will we lose PINs that we have that are not currently budgeted and there are no plans to budget the positions in the immediate future? I have a number of people in a federal grant program where in the middle of the year funding may change for a physician or employee. Does reallocating a position require a budget revision?

What about positions that you double fill in anticipation of a retirement? Does Hyperion prevent you from putting two people in the same position? Does Hyperion separate the data by distribution or will it have to be entered? If I change the funding for a position in the Hyperion system, will that change the funding for that position in the HCM system? Does the budget need to be to the cent or will it be rounded up or down? How are we going to identify overtime when it is funded out of a separate fund?

Because benefits are on a calendar year and budget is on a fiscal year, how should this be entered to account for benefit cost changes mid-fiscal year and do changes have to be entered for each person individually? Will there be any change to the form 92 process with the new position budgeting? How will we get HCM data clean-up data?

Are all employees going to be assigned to the statewide program? Will every active position be pulled into Hyperion? Yes, but those are fairly limited.

There are a number of reasons why you would have an employee with multiple PINs. The PINs never really go away, but if you inactivate them, and you decide to place someone in one of those PINs; you can always reactivate them. On the allocation line you have a start date and an end date. You would keep them active if they are vacant today, but you will fill them in the fiscal year for which you are preparing your budget.

You can use effective dating to ensure the correct impact to your budget. Agency budget staff will have to go in and mark all those positions to "exclude from budget" every time the data is imported.

You may also open a new position for the new hire and then move that person into the appropriate position when the incumbent retires. For improved visibility, we suggest that you do not. There are valid reasons why you are going to have to overfill a PIN, but your budgeting system will be more clear and accurate if you have one person to one PIN. If you do put two people in the same PIN, you will see it in your reporting.

You will have one budget value compared against more than one actual salary, therefore losing detailed comparisons. In Hyperion you can have a PIN that is split funded. Once the distribution is entered in the allocation tab, the system will separate the distribution by department and funding amount. When reports are run by department, the employee will show in both departments with their applicable amounts.

If you change something in the Hyperion system it will not feed back to HCM. Budget to the cent. Base pay is in position budgeting and overtime is allocated however you need to. Overtime is entered in your line item budget. You have a line for the overtime code and you enter that as a line item budget not associated with a position. You enter time from July 1 to Dec. Essentially, effective dated runs on benefit allowance will account for the benefit cost change.

Changes can be entered for multiple employees at one time. Not at this time, but it is something that is being looked at. It is not anticipated that all dollars personnel-wise, or otherwise, will be associated with a statewide program at this time. Yes, every active position in HCM will be pulled into the Hyperion budget system. Use our cloud-based market screener to filter out stock investing choices using a combination of FA and TA criteria. When you know what you're looking for, our market screener will cut your research time from hours to seconds.

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Kick off your investment by screening out counters that fit various TA indicator patterns. Saves time compared to viewing individual charts manually to spot trends. Customisable Stock charts with common Technical Analysis tools to spot price trends.

Select, click and plot, it's that simple to plot a chart. A chart summarising the Buy Up and Sell Down trades made by different categories of investors. It shows the sentiment of a stock over a period. Flexible charting module for quick Technical Analysis, allowing you to draw your own trend lines and customise your indicators. Check whether certain stocks perform better during different months of the year.

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