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Each line represents the spread between an index of corporate bonds of a similar credit rating and U.S. Treasuries at similar maturities. So, for example, the spread between AAA-rated corporate bonds and U.S. Treasuries at the end of was almost zero. This indicated a belief that a strong U.S. economy made corporate bonds issued by blue-chip companies such as Exxon and Microsoft about as. The S&P/ISDA U.S. redit Spread Index (the ^S&P _), launched in December , is a new benchmark for U.S. credit default swap (CDS) spreads. 1 Constituents of the S&P are drawn from the S&P ® index.


The S&P/ISDA U.S. Credit Spread Index has seen spreads widen by % since July This means investors are demanding over 50% more on the notional cost of default insurance on the largest investment-grade corporate bonds tracked by the S&P ®.

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Das Fondsvolumen wird vorher festgelegt. Was ich über den Blog und Bücher mittlerweile gelernt habe ist, dass passives investieren in Indexfonds der beste Weg zum Ziel zu sein scheint.

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Buchungssatz Bezugsrechtskonto an Kursgewinne Wie will man den "korrekten" Anteil eines Landes bzw den Unternehmen im Index eigentlich bemessen?

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