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This simple to follow guide explains how to backtest Expert Advisors in MT4 Strategy Tester to Reach

Talking to you is like talking to a 1st grader at this point. Actually that is an insult to 1st graders. You can use it within a trading system and it may or may not give accurate pricing. Man responding to you is so draining. Once again you clearly missed the point. It is one thing to come up with a mathematical model, but an entirely different thing to trade it live with actual money. That was the point I was trying to make.

You clearly will never get the point. And at this point you are just being willfully stupid. I have no doubt my money would be safe. Emmett has shown that live trading has been more profitable than backtesting. If they have, they would have made at least some of the trades in the forward test. No one know what your reasons are. Maybe you work for an indicator Software place, who knows.

Maybe you are completely delusional. What I do know is you claim to have traded the RSI for 8 years now and yet cannot show any proof of that claim. That is not what you said before. You are now saying the RSI was so profitable you stopped trading it. You are nothing but complete BS.

I showed links to sites that showed the RSI method you talked about has not worked out like you claimed and links to site showing real word trading is not the same as back testing a strategy. But you ignore all this and just insult me and take my words complete out of context to post nonsense, because you have never traded the RSI profitable and just posting complete BS.

Actually I claimed you were a BS artist based on your claims and comments and nasty response to me. I marked up a chart and will get to that in a little bit. I like most traders have traded various strategies and I talk to other traders who have traded various strategies and anyone that has actually traded strategies do not comment as you have making claims and not backing them up and essentially stating the RSI is the Holly Grail, which it is not.

The fact is all Strategies have good and bad points. Some times they work and sometimes they do not. Under the right market condition a RSI strategy cannot miss and under the wrong market conditions you will lose your shirt. And frankly I doubt many can stick with an RSI trading strategy during those draw down periods.

One problem with implementing a strategy is actually implementing the strategy in the real world. For instance if the RSI just cross before the close do you and would you be able to sell at the close. In fact I marked up a chart with the RSI and quickly came across these type of issues.

Easy to do on computer back testing, not so easy to do in real life. Before I mention the chart, I have to say we have been in a Bull Market this year with every pullback being a great buying opportunity. Under those market conditions one would expect the RSI strategy to shine bright. I have attached that chart and I surely might have gotten some of the rules wrong. We have been above the day MA so that was not an issue. Buy when dips below 25 and then close the trade at the end of the day when it hits Marked the 55 point with a line.

I show all the trades I see and the results for Which is a period that this strategy should be making money hands over fist. Now in all honesty I did this fast and I surely might have gotten the rules wrong, so let me know if I made a mistake. Yes I make mistakes all the time and I am curious if I even did this strategy right. Also some other critical points.

I used the close price. In reality you buy at the ask and sell at the bid. So in real world trading your results will be worse and I did not include any commissions. Assuming I did this right you can see the results of this strategy on the SPY under what I would call great market conditions for such a strategy.

I use to trade the Martin Zweig one. You are just being willfully stupid at this point and clearly making up alias to vote me down, as I can see when you post the votes are changed in a very short period. You claimed to have traded the RSI for 8 years and when I called you out to show proof of your claim you just post complete nonsense.

I tried being nice and show you proof that there is no Holly Grail indicator and links to sites that have not had the success you claimed trading the RSI method you talked about. But instead you are not interested in any intelligent conversation. You are an Fin idiott. I did it as a joke after noticing the quirk and seeing you do it multiple times already. That projection thing again, Robby…. First, I commend you for admitting you manipulated the votes.

But the accusation you made are false, so I must correct the record:. I have better things to do than manipulate the votes, otherwise I would do it now to undo what you did. I have been around long enough to know when the votes are being manipulated. And when all my post are down voted and all your post are up voted in a matter of minutes something is wrong. That just does not happen naturally. In general they are not looking for group mind think of YES men. If you want a site of Yes men and women and where you get banned if you voice any disagreement with the blogger go to Big Mike.

In general folks here do not down vote you for expressing a different view point as long as you are making a legit argument backed up by facts as I did. They down vote people who just come here to promote or who add no value to the topic and come here just to insult others. Now in fairness they prefer a lively, yet none personal attack debate that is centered around the facts, but once you started to get nasty and manipulate the votes, I felt compelled to counter punch.

I think the best point you brought up is the human factor during draw downs. Of course, that will depend on the level of sophistication of the trader and his or her knowledge of the strategy being traded. I have seen it countless times in new and veteran traders to have a strategy that works then encounter some difficulty to only abandon it for something new that makes the trader feel corrected so to speak.

This will not happen to everyone, but this is why the success rate is so low even sometimes with the directions. Even if you had an indicator trading strategy that worked when forward testing with real money, it can be very difficult for one to trade.

Every strategy goes through draw downs. And when you are losing money trading based on an indicator and nothing else, will ones belief in the strategy hold out? How about if the draw down last for years? You continue to miss the point.

The strategy was released in and has been even more profitable than its backtest from some time in the s to , I believe. Learn some things about backtesting, forward-testing, various strategies trend-following, mean-reversion, non-directional options, etc. He had VERY few losing months, unlike someone like Warren Buffett, who loses in bear markets along with all other long-only stock investors.

I am not missing the point at all. I understand back testing, but I also understand data mining and statistics. So let me try to explain in another way. Lets say you take strategies I am talking about strategies like in this article not Turtle Trading using various indicators and heck several can be using the RSI with 75 25 and 80 20 and so forth.

Now move fast forward X years and you take those same strategies and once again back test. Do you really think if you forward test those strategies you will make money? This is just one of the reasons that when funds try and forward test these strategies most underperform. But if trading these type of strategies is working for you stick to it. IMHO they are not worth the paper they are printed on.

Thanks for the article. Have u tested the strategy with real live results? If so how do they match up to back tested results? How would commissions factor in to results? I love your site! Keep up the great work!

The strategy was published in , so we have 7 years out-of-sample. Whats great is that the out-of-sample results are actually better than the sample results. In other words, 7 years of blind results have proven the strategy is very robust.

Has it really performed better out-of-sample? The strategies have remained profitable, though, which is still impressive. This particular strategy was originally published in , by simply looking at the equity curve from we can see out-of-sample performance has actually improved.

No big mystery to solve. As well as the average trade size has increased, as well as numerous metrics that confirm. I think such strategies will have good longevity, because they meet several criteria: Always trade with the wind at your back.

I did backtest my modification on the underlyings prior to trading and results were in line with his book. Emmett, how are the fills of Robinhood vrs others like IB. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do Not Send Email Notifications. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The ETF is above its day moving average. The 4-period RSI closes under Buy on the close. Exit when the 4-period RSI closes above List and description included below: The following are results of just the long-only trades: The ETF is below its day moving average.

The 4-period RSI closes above Sell Short on the close. Exit when the 4-period RSI closes below The following are results of just the short-only trades: Wrapping things up Thanks for making it this far!

Instead, focus on doing what everyone else is not doing. Stop buying expensive and useless indicators. Invest your time and energy into learning how to program and test trading strategies. Zone out the world. Let your intuition lead you. Validate everything with science. No, am not being paid And if you are interested in purchasing the book in which this review was written, you can find the link below: Desi Mazdur September 16, Paul July 13, Paul July 14, Paul July 19, Francis May 15, Bobby June 14, Moe April 26, Tanner March 27, M Burns January 27, Phil December 3, Amitc October 16, Emmett Moore October 16, Rob B October 15, Mkt October 15, Did you actually read the entire post?

There are 2 problems with your comment: I am still waiting to meet those rich investors that are strategy traders. Cyn October 15, Rob B October 16, Mkt October 16, A few links re: There are at least 3 difference that I talked about: If I the entire neighborhood of variables looks good, then we have something. I recommend that readers test this stuff themselves and look at the neighborhood. Mkt October 17, Rob B October 17, Mkt, You are so dump you cannot even comprehend the statistical point I am making.

Mkt, Impossible to have an intelligent argument with someone that just makes up facts. So here is just one of many sites that explains part of the reason: Emmett Moore October 17, When someone posts a comment that I do not agree with, I simply ignore it.

Nor can it be expected. Rather than spike our blood pressure, its better to laugh at off-handed comments. The commissions with ThinkorSwim are astronomical in comparison to emini brokers.

ThinkorSwim was designed as an options broker even though now they offer different features. Thanks for the info. Just browsed the website, still confused about real cost of having an account there. Accounts reside with TS or someone else? They do have something new I believe where if you open an account with them and have the required funds in the account then you will be able to not have the monthly fee.

That however is to be confirmed. I would recommend Multicharts instead of TS which is more robust and is only a one time fee. Their clearing firm is RJO Obrien 2. A This is what I mentioned above before it was a requirement to make 10 round trip trades a month.

That may have changed. B Same as mentioned above with the 10 round trip trades C Commissions are absolutely atrocious.. I would put them at close to double of what you should be paying D No data fees with NT not sure about multicharts. Think I got a bit lucky lol. Some of the comments above re order entry and charting on TS are just plain ignorant. TS charts are far better than Ninja, order entry for Steve above, is nowhere near as complex as he says in TS, in fact I have no idea what you are smoking Steve?

Window management in Ninja is just plain painful, in fact it is just an undockable mess. Just to clarify the situation re platform fees. Are you for real? The commissions John I mentioned are not the exchange fee that you pay for its the commissions to enter a trade round trip.

I would agree with you that Tradestation has better charts but overall I would say that NT is actually better. Hi Marcello, I am just curious about 1 thing. Or would there be any benefit in me getting a lifetime license? I used TS, and recently switched to IB. Since IBs data feed is not up to snuff I also have to used a separate data feed provider for futures trading. I honestly, at this point, I think TS is the better answer for me. With IB I have a single account, with portfolio based margin requirements.

And I trade everything from one account. In return I pay huge fees for multiple solutions in order to get what I think is a minor improvement over TS. The only reason I still use TS is because I have been using it for over 10 years.

Would highly recommend giving a NT a go. TS on the other hand had this feature but as you say, its not very user friendly and being Canadian they will no longer allow us access which rules out going back to TS for me. The E-Signal platform is very user friendly, and through the years has greatly improved, there are less and less failures with price spikes. They have pages so that you can have one different market on each page and you can draw a trend line and not worry about having to manually extend it as is NT, or TS that takes numerous clicks to get a trendline in place.

With E-Siganl the trend line extends itself until you choose to remove it. This week I will be installing a new trading computer and I am tossing with the idea of returning to E-Siganl although there is a monthly fee for their charts. So, what say you, Marcello, it seems sooo confusing right now and I need to make a decision so I can install whatever on this new computer and get up and running.

Thanking you in advance for all your feedback, much appreciated. Would definitely recommend them. Marcello, I am new to trading concept. I have started my studies while ago. Now I would like to practice paper trading, using live feed while I am studying. Could you please explain to me what steps should I take and in which order to set up my account. Hi Kaveh there are really a lot of options that you can use to open up accounts. Just choose an emini broker that provides a free trail and you should be able to get started right away.

Hi Marcello, Do you know if you are able to have Canadian stocks with the free Kinetick data? I did a quick trial and was not able to get it to work. But contact ninjatrader at support ninjatrader. I am doing it myself NOW. Would not recommend AMP futures for anyone.

Lots of our traders have had serious problems with AMP. Would recommend Advantage or Mirus Futures instead. Much better customer service and less problems. CQG feed has been quite a problem for many of our traders. You have to wait behind orders that were already entered before yours. NT SIM does that. IMO TradeStation in much better. I wanted a simple moving average cross indicator that would send me email alerts with the averages crossed.

With TS all your charts are neatly organized in Desktops. Each Desktop can have multiple worksapces to neatly organize your charts. With NT, your charts are all part of one workspace so organizing your charts is no easy task. As an options trader NT is basically useless. Tradestation is very strong in the options department.

The price of data is about the same for a full featured platform IMO. And maybe pay each month. Marc could be that you just started using the platform. Most of our traders are now trading on the chart rather than on the DOM itself. Never heard of anyone having to pay extra for special indicators. You mentioned you had serious Problems with AMP. I also read some similar commemts in big mikes Forum but also without any details.

We plan on sharing it via The Day Trading Academy blog at http: I am very new to NT, and I am currently looking into learning the platform since it has a free sim version. I am opening an account with interactive broker and I am pretty sure I can combine NT and IB together, does that mean I will have no problem trading options then?

Can someone tell me what the difference is among these connection options? Would have to double check with NT support to find out if you are able to trade with options. Their commissions are very high for things like emini futures. The NT simulator is real time. Kinetic is real time feed and free end of day data, Market Replay is where you can download the data from previous days and replay them as if they were live to be able to practice at night or weekends and watch the market as if it was live.

Simulated data feed is just that a feed that simulates the live market. If you are going to trade live you do not need the Kinetic feed as the broker provides the feed or you. One important issue has not been touched in detail. And i am looking for this for quite some time. What is the best platform to program your own strategies, to backtest strategies and to automatic trade the strategies. In other words we are talking here about the functionality of the program languages provided by the different platforms, are there restrictions?.

I know that both platforms provide much of this functionality but you would need to check with them directly Yeshe. If the question comes to backtesting, the infos getting very rare.

After a couple of months i started with backtesting. Hi, Just wanted to give an update from my post a year ago. I can tell from having read all the comments again, that Marcello is a big NT proponent focusing on cost as the 1 issue. Which from the start of this thread back in May has changed it seems for TradeStation. TS if you plan to do 10 trades a month is free.

Think about that a moment 10 trades 10 roundtrips in a month and if you scale in or out your position it may be basically 1 Facebook FB trade you are in that month. My brokerage fees at TS are. I have no other fees. If you are not making 10 trades a month then you probably do not need either of these products.

If you are not the developer type or willing to learn Microsoft C it is hard to imagine you would want to create and write custom indicators in NT. Just simply look for the best brokerage fees you can find with a reputable brokerage firm.

NT you have to pay a license fee it is not free and you will also need to sign up with a brokerage and pay their fees.

At TS they are the brokerage firm so everything is handled by 1 company. We are talking here about live trading not simulation or demo trading. I have automated scans of several thousands of stocks nightly looking for the chart patterns I want to trade.

Seriously think about the time and effort it will take to explain a problem in an email that you may not understand the cause of. TS support guys will remote onto my desktop to help me resolve an issue. I am not saying TS doesnt have issues but I feel over the past few years they have tried to become more competitive with their pricing and their products. Any views or experience much appreciated. I live in Canada and already have a brokerage account.

I am looking to day trade mostly US stocks with occasional Can stock trading. I am looking for a good charting program with data feed combination. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Tradestation is a good option for trading stocks but for emini futures would recommend NInjaTrader. The only fees currently on tradestation are for the data feed, which varies, depending on which feed you want, and for the add-ons, Radarscreen and Portfolio maestro.

I am not promoting one platform or the other btw. I am not yet familiar with Ninja Trader, though it sounds interesting. Peter you are incorrect… have spoken to many traders that recently opened accts at Tradestation and they are being charged the fee. That is only for special circumstances and it is only for certain accounts that is not for everyone.

Equities and Futures accounts having the following trading activity or more in the preceding month: For clients with a Forex account only, a FREE version of RadarScreen limited to Forex symbols will be available and no account service fee is charged regardless of trading activity. I have using TS for over six months before changing to NT. With the exception of the dome and market replay, TS is better…far better.

I made the change due to commissions. I have experienced major stability issues with NT. Getting help is a horrible experience and due to the fact the NT is optimize for future trading, stock trading is a total mess. Many stock symbols and indicies have to be manually mapped in within the NT database.

Why this database is not complete is a mystery to me. I am still attempting to get NT to help me get this done. I was told by a support rep at NT that the system does not utilize mult-cores—only one.

TS can use as many as you have. There are so many things that TS does that NT does not do. It is simply not a stock trading tool. It is missing a scanning feature. I paid for the mult-broker version. I trade about contracts per month.

Amp will save me per month in commissions and another per month in data feeds. In less than 3 months, I would pay for NT. Over the year, I will save thousands. For now I will have suffer with NT. One good thing…I was able to transfer my indicators at no charge and they look better on NT.

Another bad thing about TS. I was starting to get significant amount of slipage. Very bad customer service and many of our traders have had issues with them. Ardie you can purchase NinjaTrader as a Canadian citizen. You may have to connect the feed to Interactive Brokers though.

You should be able to use Interactive brokers. Could you please add me to your skype list , I have good we can do togeather also I want to ask you about Ninja trader. Feel free to contact me through the contact page on my about page. NT is by far the best agree with the above — Also there is. Does anyone know of a bridge to link Tradestation to institutional platform for cash forex. Tradestation platform is for retail trading which has a wider spread. You cannot use tradestation software automated trading for tradestation institutional.

NT script programing is a mess, why do I have to learn C? I would like to find a cheapest data feed methods. Can anyone give me subjections? Look for small specialized E-mini brokerage houses and they will provide a free feed. The new NinjaTrader Brokerage which used to be Mirus now gives you the ability to use NT for free and you can also find a free feed through them.

I follow your travel log and trading log regularly. For you Columbia and Buenos Aires Station, are you hiring people to trade for you? If so do you hire people to trade for you in US. Right now Abhi we are not opening any trading centers in the United States. I am sticking with emerging economies because people there need this opportunity more than people in the states.

I would like to also mention that NinjaTrader has always been a very stable platform that runs fast. It is the only platform that never cause me issues months after installation cause by conflicts between the platform and my other software that I have loaded on my machine. Hi there, would anybody know anything about issues with Ninja charts, in that if you scroll to the left to go back in time, there is a delay? Like a screen refresh problems? All the softwares I mentioned are old and outdated in many respects.

It is loaded with nice charts and plugins and best of all it enables Ninja Trader as plugin, and I am seriously considering the application as you and others on this site has confirmed my interest. Their Customer service is one of the best or the best in the industry. The only con is when openning a new account; it is a lenghty process, and all conversation you have with them is documented every step of the way, and you have a password and pin number to enter the secured site built on the platform…some say it is intrusive, but they said transparency and honesty is part of the way they do business.

Do you recommend Ninja Trader as plugin to this platform and how can I learn real profitable tradering techniques from your group especially understanding the charts and what each indicator is telling me and to confrim the multiple indicator signals real time.

I want to hear from you and I think your world tour video was very inspiring. Some friends suggested that I move my accounts to TradeStation. I removed the name of the platform because this looks like blatent advertising for them.

The comparison is not impartial, TradeStation extends into fragments of the markets that Ninja Trader probably hopes to. Meaning, Tradestations clients are a fruit that Ninja wishes to harvest. What sort of support and help can I get for day trading. Do I need data feeds and how much is this going to cost me?

Malcome all good questions… would recommend that you head over to our sister site: I sleep very well at night. What is the best number of bars in the SR indicator setting to be used on a Nano acct.

Is it best to use it with any other indicator or is that too much restriction on a given pair? Is it best to use the SR indicator by itself? Hi everyone can you please help, what would be the best broker for this EA? I will really appreciate your help. Hotforex and FXopen are the recommended brokers, but generally any MT4 broker will work. Joe Steve , i am trying to reach to you , could you please send me your email to contact you asap.

One that actually works. Will share the results shortly. All strats on default settings at the moment. Flex takes some time to get going so waiting for a month or two before gradually increasing the risk level. WIll share results end of Sept. Sean I agree with you. So I share what I do in order to find the right strategy. I user the strategy tester in optimization mode and let all settings as default and then switch on testing for the strategy from Default to ADR Dynamic.

I do this for each pair and a timeframe such as 1 year. Once I found the strategy for each pair that is profitable and with a reasonable DD I can use it with default settings or can try optimization of parameters. But be aware, if getting too greedy even flex cannot help. All strategies are in a way MartiGrids and hence to start with a risk of 0,1 or 0,2 is the key for long-time success.

But if you are a bit familiar with back-testing in MT 4 it is pretty easy. Here are the steps.. Choose your desired symbol 5. Set period flex is designed for M15 7. Set Spread for your symbol according to the table in post 15 8. Check Optimization check-box 9.

Click Expert Properties button new window opens with 3 tabs On Testing tab set desired Initial Deposit and Optimization parameter.. Click OK button window closes Sorry that image link is dead. Since V4 the recommended time frame is 1H or 4H!! M15 was recommended in previous versions. Refer to the readme file that comes with the latest updates. You can actually still use any timeframe, higher ones are recommended because 4.

I boosted the number of bars to and it seems happy with that. They are totally different than the ones mentioned in the documentation. First, I would like to thank all of you for your valuable comments and for sharing your experience with us. Awaiting for your responses. I plan to share with you the results after a month from now. Bought the flex ea yesterday and trying it on demo.

I bought the flex ea yesterday and using it on demo. Just bought the EA. Anyone has any suggestions on the strategy? Hello, did you use the same strategy in the document section of the Flex EA download to get those shotgun high risk results? If not, what strategy did you use to get the The shotgun account is a vendor account, not mine.

It looks like very good ea, I hope it earns me some money. So far major gain in this week and it not even end yet: Very good ea so far! Can anyone help me with choosing a broker for this EA? Also what time frame is most effective? Can I trade only 2 currency pairs using default settings? Since i read quite a lot of reviews on this one i would try it.

I got some questions if anyone can answer: What broker should i use europe any suggestions or references? What timeframe is most effective with this EA? I just add EA to pair on time frame and choose strategy thats it? Your help would be much appreciated. Wow I woke up today worried that JPY mess was going to have some major losses, but to my surprise Flex went long almost perfectly at the bottom of this crash after the JPY news.

Turned a nice little profit with no DD, unreal entry. Yea ive turned it on with my trendsurfer and using default settings for everything else.

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Can I program it to trade the Bollinger bands and stochastic indicators on the 30 min chart.

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