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Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein

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 · Bildkomposition und Führende Linien in der Landschaftsfotografie helfen den Blick des Betrachters zu lenken. Wie stark die Wirkung in einem Foto sein kann zeige ich im Video.  · Fahrt im Führerstand eines BRB Zuges (Lint41 - Baureihe ) von diesmal in der Richtung Mering Bahnhof nach Geltendorf Bahnhof.

5 star holiday for horse and rider

Staying here on vacation at such a historic monument together with my family and horses — better than a dream! Staying overnight in the riders house is a highlight. I have never before had such beautiful rides as the trail rides in the National Park of Lüneburg Heath. Just ask for a non-binding booking request. Simply tell us your desired date for your horse trip and we will get in touch with you soon.

Welcome to Heinshof farm! The unique secret of Heinshof. We want you to have a wonderful deep time with our horses like other guests before. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries. Horseback riding and vacation. More than riding lessons. Clients appreciate the personal approach, the proximity to the trainer and the constant monitoring of the training development for optimal results of each training session. He soon felt constrained to protest against the effects of the Francophile policy of the chief minister, Christian Graf von Haugwitz , and the evil influences that clogged the administration.

Little, however came of Stein's protests, but they were urged with his usual incisiveness and energy. Prussian policy continued to progress on the path that led to the disaster at Jena 14 October The king then offered Stein the portfolio for foreign affairs, which the minister declined to accept on the ground of his incompetence to manage that department unless there was a complete change in the system of government.

The real motive for his refusal was that he desired to see Karl August von Hardenberg take that office and effect, with his own help, the necessary administrative changes. The king refused to accept Hardenberg, and, greatly irritated by Stein's unusually outspoken letters, dismissed him altogether, adding that he was "a refractory, insolent, obstinate and disobedient official".

Stein got to see Hardenberg called to office in April and important reforms effected in the cabinet system. During the negotiations at Tilsit , Napoleon refused to act with Hardenberg, who thereupon retired. Strangely, Napoleon, who had as yet no idea of Stein's deep and earnest patriotism, [3] suggested Stein as a possible successor. No other strong man was at hand who could save the ship of state, and on 8 October , Frederick William, utterly depressed by the terrible terms of the treaty of Tilsit, called Stein to office and entrusted him with very wide powers.

Stein was now for a time virtually dictator of the reduced and nearly bankrupt Prussian state. The circumstances of the time and his own convictions, gained from study and experience, led him to press on drastic reforms in a way that could not otherwise have been followed.

First came the Edict of Emancipation , issued at Memel on 9 October , which abolished the institution of serfdom throughout Prussia from 8 October All distinctions affecting the tenure of land noble land, peasants' land, etc. The same famous edict also abrogated all class distinctions respecting occupations and callings of any and every kind, thus striking another blow at the caste system that had been so rigorous in Prussia.

Stein's next step was to strengthen the cabinet by wise changes. Stein issued a measure for municipal reform 19 November , which granted local self-government on enlightened yet practical lines to all Prussian towns and even to all villages possessing more than inhabitants.

While Stein's efforts were directed more towards civil affairs, he also furthered the progress of the military reforms, which are connected more especially with the name of Gerhard Johann David von Scharnhorst. They refashioned the Prussian army on modern lines, with a reserve system.

Military service was made obligatory for all classes. Shortly afterwards, the reformer had to flee from Prussia. In August , the French agents, who swarmed throughout the land, had seized one of his letters, in which he spoke of his hope that Germany would soon be ready for a national rising like that of Spain.

On 10 September, Napoleon gave orders that Stein's property in the new kingdom of Westphalia should be confiscated, and he likewise put pressure on Frederick William to dismiss him. The king evaded compliance, but the French emperor, on entering Madrid in triumph, declared 16 December Stein to be an enemy of France and the Confederation of the Rhine and ordered the confiscation of all his property in the Confederation. Stein saw that his life was in danger and fled from Berlin 5 January Thanks to the help of his former colleague, Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden , who gave him an asylum in his castle in the Riesengebirge , he succeeded in crossing the frontier into Bohemia.

For three years, Stein lived in the Austrian Empire , generally at Brno , but in May , in danger of being surrendered by Austria to Napoleon, [3] he received an invitation to visit Saint Petersburg from Emperor Alexander I of Russia , who saw that Austria was certain to be on the side of France in the forthcoming Franco-Russian War. At the crisis of that struggle, Stein may have been one of the influences that kept the tsar determined never to treat with Napoleon.

When the miserable remains of the Grand Army reeled back into Prussia at the close of the year, Stein urged the Russian emperor to go on and free Europe from the French domination. Events now brought Stein rapidly to the front. On 30 December , the Prussian general Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg signed the Convention of Tauroggen with the Russian general Hans Karl von Diebitsch for neutralization of the Prussian corps at and near Tilsit and for the free passage of the Russians through that part of the king's dominions.

The Russian emperor requested Stein to act as provisional administrator of the provinces of East and West Prussia. In that capacity, he convened an assembly of representatives of the local estates, which on 5 February , ordered the establishment of a militia Landwehr , a militia reserve and a final levy Landsturm.

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For a limited time only. Stein now went to Breslau , to where the King of Prussia had proceeded, but the annoyance that Frederick William felt at his irregular action lessened his influence.

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